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Technical Security Contractors was created with the purpose of offering security solutions to all types of companies and individuals, our team has more than 20 years of experience in the field, as well as highly trained technical personnel that work with all types of electronic security systems that will efficiently guarantee your investment and provide the security you need.

To operate within the security market, we comply with the requirements required by the laws of our country. We have a geographical presence in various parts of our national territory such as: South East Central Zone, North West Zone, Atlantic Coastline.


In order to offer a better service to our customers, Technical Security Contractors provides Electronic Security Unit, a surveillance and security service with advanced technology; marketing in security products such as alarms, closed circuit television (CCTV), access controls; among others. We added to our services strategic alliances with the company INTEGRIDAD EMPRESARIAL, which has been in the market for more than 15 years providing polygraph tests to a number of clients.



To provide private security services and consultancies, guaranteeing protection to life, information, and assets of our clients through prevention.

By 2018, achieve certifications, validations, and accreditations on safety and the implementation of process systems, in order to update our products and provide the security you need.

Our Team

We act under the conviction that our team of men and women are our most important asset.


Ability to Change

Carrying out the needs and ideas for each company we work with requires a lot of resolve - we understand that there will always be a need for flexibility. When things do not go as planned, we are ready to make small or large adjustments - we realize that things do not always work out as we envisioned them.



A clear characteristic of successful companies is being proactive, it means taking action on the opportunities that are presented to us every day. We anticipate, perceive, and act positively on all problems that may occur in our organization, and have the ability to react instantly and effectively, in each situation that may arise.


Social Responsibility

When we started our business, we inherited countless responsibilities, both personal in nature and in our community. The concept of social responsibility is to understand that sometimes spoken or unspoken guidelines and rules must be respected. In addition, we realize it is important to contribute to the growth and harmony of the community, the people we interact with, and the environment in which we live.


As a business, we know that every day we learn something new. We are motivated to run our business, and it is essential for us to continuously learn new techniques and be on the lookout for resources to properly manage our business. In order to grow, we need to be able to embrace new business ideas, and that requires learning things we do not know. In our current world, the business that does not evolve is destined to disappear, so it is wise for us to learn new things every day.



As a business, we want to achieve the integration of each staff member to our team by promoting a positive environment. We need to earn an individual commitment from each employee, along with their participation and collaboration in order to accomplish our goal of a cohesive, tight-knit team. 



We operate Technical Security Contractors with integrity and look for this virtue in each of our team members. Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Integrity is related to the thoughts, behaviors, ideas, beliefs, and actions of each individual.


Brand Manifesto

Technical Security Contractors faithfully believes in generating a culture of preventive security that allows the development of social awareness, learning and willingness to change, committed to the personal and collective growth of its employees.